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How Safara works

Become a member. Search and book handpicked hotels. Earn up to 15% in travel on every booking.

Why join Safara

Travel booking sites make money by hiding giant fees in the cost of hotel rooms- as high as 30%. Safara is getting rid of hidden fees so frequent travelers are rewarded for booking, and no longer punished.

The most flexible membership in travel.

Most rewards programs are pointless. You earn very little, you're locked into one hotel brand, and your point value changes constantly. With Safara you can stay at any of our thousands of handpicked hotels and you know exacly what your points are worth.

Fancy free trips?

Safara members will average one or two free trips every year.

How much does it cost?

Memberships start from just $10 per month.

How to get a free membership

Join the waitlist and share with friends and move up the list. We will be adding in new members over time.

When Safara will launch

We will be opening up for bookings over the course of 2019.